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The Roscioli selections

Roscioli is a name encompassing many culinary facets, in one operation.
The Ristorante, the Salumeria, the Antico Forno, the Caffè Pasticceria, the Rimessa, and the Wine Club. All places of taste, skillfully managed and coordinated, where you can find the best of Roman, Italian, and international production, selected with great skill and passion over the years.


The Roscioli family

Roscioli is a family that, for four generations, has worked in the world of hospitality, food, and wine.
It all started with the bakery on Via dei Chiavari. Then our set-up developed with the grocer on Via Giubbonari, which we now know as Ristorante Salumeria Roscioli.

Antico Forno Roscioli is one of the historic brands of Rome; certificates have been recovered that attest to its presence in the Regola district since the first half of the 1800s.
A papal edict arranged for the establishment of a bakery that would sell bread at affordable prices to people with limited financial ability right on Via dei Chiavari, and the Vatican census dated August 17th, 1824 confirms it all.


Roscioli today

Roscioli today is still a family: Alessandro and Pierluigi, two brothers who carry on the tradition, not allowing it to disappear as a custom of the past, but keeping it with the times, anticipating today’s food and wine needs, and focusing, with great passion, on the high quality of their selections.


Passion and research

In 2002, Alessandro and Pierluigi transformed the family grocer into a refined multipurpose gourmet bodega with a kitchen and wine cellar, offering over 2,800 Italian and international wines.
The selection of the restaurant on Via dei Giubbonari is centered not only on tradition, but research and simplicity. Classic Capitoline dishes are joined with enjoyable voyages out of the Bel Paese, with products of excellent quality, not only made in Italy, selected over the years with the greatest care, because, as the Roscioli motto says: “Before the kitchen… comes the raw material”.


300 types of cheese, 150 varieties of cold cuts, 2,800 wine labels, and a wide selection of preserves, sauces, mustards, canned foods, pastas, oils, and vinegars – not only Italian – for takeout or to enjoy seated at the tables of the Ristorante.
These are just a few of the products offered at Salumeria Roscioli, the space dedicated to artisanal excellence at the heart of Rome.
Here everything revolves around the raw materials, and there are not only Italian products but attractive delicacies from abroad, like the British blue cheeses, French soft cheeses, Spanish cold cuts, and Scottish salmon.


For nearly two centuries Antico Forno Roscioli has intoxicated Via dei Chiavari with the scent of freshly baked products, such as bread and pizza. People come here to sample traditional Roman pizza, fresh at all hours of the day, the sourdough breads made with various flours and doughs, but
also the crispy rice balls, flavorful baked cakes, panettone at Christmas, and the traditional “colomba” sweet for Easter.
There’s also a corner dedicated to gastronomy, where you can stop to eat a made-to-order dish prepared in the back kitchens and find the catering service and services for restaurants.


Caffe Pasticceria Roscioli is a dual format that combines into two spaces the colors, different offerings, and the soul and spirit of Alessandro and Pier Luigi. The day area, bright and sunny, allows you to enjoy various kinds of coffee, such as espresso, cappuccino or extraction, along with pastries produced in the bakery behind, from the early hours until evening. The second local space has a uniquely designed table, is friendly and centrally located, offers direct service and is more intimate and dynamic. In addition to tasting wines and Champagne by the glass, here you will sample oysters and sandwiches made with the breads of Antico Forno Roscioli and fillings selected from the Salumeria family



Our Caffè Roscioli is a place dedicated to wine and food tastings, a place to lose oneself in relaxing, educational, and unifying conversation. A space designed for those in Rome who seek true and simple flavors made in Italy, for lovers of enogastronomy who are always ready to expand their knowledge about the world of Italian and international wine.

A brand new wine bar/tasting room will be ready in May 2016


The infinite variety of Roscioli products is also available online. Just choose from our selection whatever best meets your needs and proceed to checkout.
Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, and Roscioli brand Amatriciana Kit, Italian and international wine, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, cheese, Italian sausage, and more.
Roscioli quality comes with simplicity into every home, to offer you an interesting and tasty gourmet break.


Roscioli can realize all your ideas: a dinner for two or the event of the year, a convivial evening or a formal reception. You won’t have to think about anything because the Roscioli staff includes waiters, sommeliers and chefs, ready to follow you wherever you need them. Moreover, Roscioli collaborates with important professionals specialized in the exterior, to creates particular and pleasant evenings, like the four-hands dinners with Pipero al Rex.