Quality since 1824 - Rome.

With 4 generations behind us, we have been a bakery since 1972 and a delicatessen restaurant since 2002, in the spaces once occupied by the family grocer. Roscioli expertise has taken shape with the passing of the years. Alessandro and Pierluigi have made a treaure of the family teachings and transformed the locations on Via dei Giubbonari and Via dei Chiavari into two rooms united with the quality and flavors of the past, but with a focus on new approaches to wine and contemporary consumption.

The Roscioli brothers, with their foundations of great experience and passion for the world of food & wine, manage every detail of the establishment, but still leave room for the professionals that have given their team form, stimulating and adding to the knowledge of every member of the staff.


Passion and Research

Roscioli is passion and research

Irrepressible passion for all things that are good – for quality products, artisanal and well-made, offered by small producers or large companies with love and professionalism.

A constant search for excellence, for anything that requires a deeper understanding, studies, stories, work, and dedication.

All that Roscioli has is the result of careful and perfectionist selection, which always leads, whether in the countryside of the Peninsula or in small towns outside Italy, to production that remains attentive to the traditions and proper methods of processing.

Passion and research are applied to all the Roscioli world, to the dishes presented at the Restaurant, to the flours used in the Bakery, the labels of the winery, to the 350 cheeses and 150 cold cuts at the deli counter, but also the extra virgin olive oils, vinegars, tomato sauces, and canned foods on display on the walls of this important library of taste in the heart of Rome.