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Roscioli is a name encompassing many culinary facets, in one operation. The Ristorante, the Salumeria, the Antico Forno, the Caffè Pasticceria, the Rimessa, and the Wine Club. All places of taste, skillfully managed and coordinated, where you can find the best of Roman, Italian, and international production, selected with great skill and passion over the years.

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L'Antico Forno Roscioli

For about two centuries, the Antico Forno Roscioli has inebriated Via dei Chiavari with the scent of freshly baked products, pastries, a variety of breads and pizza. People come here to taste the traditional Roman pizza, hot and fresh at all hours of the day, the breads made with our mother yeast, various doughs and flours, but also the crispy supplì, the tasty baked cakes, the Panettone for Christmas and the Colomba for Easter.
There is also a corner dedicated to gastronomy, where you can stop and have a quick bite, the catering service and the service for restaurants.
With the recent renovations, the Molteni electric rotisserie has also arrived to expand the range of gastronomy with rotisserie products such as organic chicken and home-made porchetta.


For our zero-emission deliveries, we have a fleet of 8 electrically powered vehicles, the latest addition being the new e-jumpy GG578HC – 100% electrically insulated vehicle for bread transport, purchased with the contribution of € 14,000 from the Lazio Region – Fund for Development and Cohesion

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Via dei Chiavari, 34

Mon-Sat 07AM-07:30PM, Sun 08AM-06PM

Salumeria Roscioli Restaurant

Before cooking …there is the raw material “. In 2002 Alessandro and Pierluigi Roscioli transformed the family grocery store into a refined and multifunctional gourmet bottega with a kitchen, accompanied by a cellar with more than 2,800 Italian and international wines. The restaurant’s proposal revolves around tradition, research and simplicity. Classic Roman dishes are accompanied by unique trips to other regions, with products only made in Italy selected over the years with great care. 350 types of cheeses, 150 varieties of cured meats, 2,800 wine labels and a rich selection of preserves, sauces, mustards, pickles, pastas, oils and vinegars – these are just some numbers and products of the bottega – where everything revolves around raw materials. More than just Italian products. we also select interesting delicacies from abroad, such as English blue cheeses, French soft cheeses, Spanish cured meats and Scottish salmon.

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Via dei Giubbonari, 21

The restaurant is open every day from 12:30PM to 4PM and from 7PM to 00:00AM.

The shop is open every day from 9AM to 8PM.

Caffè Pasticceria Roscioli

To conclude the Roscioli offers, the latest born – Roscioli Caffè Pasticceria – open for 5 years, in Piazza Cairoli.
Uniting the soul and spirit of Alessandro and Pierluigi in two spaces with different colors and offers. The living area, clear and sunny, where you can enjoy various coffee creations from early morning to evening – such as espresso, cappuccino or extraction – together with the pastries produced in the bakery, by the pastry chef Rodrigo Bernoni. The second area of the restaurant has a single design table, convivial and central, with a direct, dynamic and more intimate service. In addition to a breakfast or an aperitif, you can also sit here for a brunch with the famous Club Sandwich by Pierluigi or the different types of pancakes, but also for a sandwich, a sweet or savory maritozzo, or the quick dishes prepared in our kitchen. Recently an outdoor space became available in Piazza Cairoli, where you can take a break in one of the most characteristic areas of Rome.

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Piazza Benedetto Cairoli, 16

Mon-Sat 07AM-6:30PM, Sun 8AM-6:30PM

Rimessa Roscioli

The Rimessa, what is the Rimessa? Is it a restaurant? A wine bar?
Is the Eldorado in the center of Rome with wine tastings paired with delectable foods?
We are an epicenter of food and wine, who do not simply transform the raw materials and serve them to their customers to entrust on the plate and in the glass the thousand and more personal and geographical stories, the traditions, the care, the specificities of each product – wine , pasta, flours, cheeses, vegetables, meats, fish etc. – in support of a more humane agriculture and food economy.
A crazy, tucked away spot with tables for sharing and socializing for lunch, an aperitif, or dinner?
In short, what is Rimessa Roscioli?
We are all of this and yet much, much more! The Rimessa is the Rimessa! Unique, transversal, simple and complex, indefinable but well defined. Something that simply must be experienced.
Rimessa Roscioli is a joyful vision of the world, it is a fully conscious gastronomic life experience. We are located at via del Conservatorio 58 and waiting for you, with open hearts and bottles, and plenty of knowledge and pleasure to share with your table.

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Via del Conservatorio 58, 00186, Roma

Open Mon-Fri 5PM-11PM, Sat-Sun 12PM-11PM

Wine Club Roscioli

Wine is part of the convivial moments of our life. It is about sharing and being inclusive. It accompanies our memories: it is on our grandparents’ table at Sunday lunch, at dinners with friends, on the first date …

Inside a glass of wine there are stories, traditions, cultures, dedication and love for the land. The goal of the Roscioli Wine Club is to introduce you to the world of wine, focusing on the path and the people who are behind the label.

To date, we have visited over 500 wineries throughout Italy and we have selected producers who offer the best artisanal wines of our country. We want to dispel the myth that knowledge of wine is destined for the elite. We want to make wine culture accessible to anyone who wants to understand it.

Our motto is that ANYONE CAN BE A SOMMELIER!
How? Starting from the origins!

Thanks to our research and selection of Italian artisan excellence, in recent years we have created the largest video library dedicated to wine in the world and we have made our quality and niche products known also abroad.

We will lead you to discover the great artisans making Italian wine, with our selections arriving directly to your home. When in Rome, enjoy one of our wine and food tasting experiences or members can visit a winery in our network of producers.

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Via del Conservatorio, 58


An exclusive and quiet open space with a modern and sophisticated design that tells a bit of our story, between food and art, practicality and comfort.

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The Roscioli brand has earned a reputation for passionately selecting only the best wines and gastronomy available. Most often our products come from small artisan producers and often privately labeled in limited quantities.

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