10 tips on how to get the most from Rimessa Roscioli

9 November 2015 - ore 14:43 | Alessandro Pepe

1) Be pedantic and expect the best from us.

2) Ask us everything you can think of. About the wine we serve during the tastings and about the products that accompany the sensory experiences in Rimessa Roscioli

3) Profit from the potential of the place. You have a sommelier for you, so check out what we present in our wine and food pairing paradise.

4) Enjoy the raw material, each plate and glass that we serve are the result of a careful research, that we have been carrying on for years.

5) Get lost among the tasting products. Immerse yourself in the Roscioli world, in the story we recount to go away enriched

6) Travel in Italy savoring our products without prejudice. Enjoy the different regions of the Peninsula as if you were in the place of production. The journey starts when you cross our door.

7) Get involved by our stories and tell us yours.

8) Criticize us bitterly, criticize our location and criticize if you don’t like something. You don’t hurt our fellings, we want to grow and we will do our best to invert the course of our mistakes.

9) The Library of taste. Take our Rimessa as an encyclopedia of flavors. Write down your personal taste book and do not be avaricious with criticism.

10) Let’s follow each other. Because without Wine, without social relation, story and experiences, life is only “a boring sequence of deadlines and dates in which you have to pay the bills” (Frank Zappa revisited)

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